Thursday, December 10, 2015

Clio Peppiatt Spring 2014

This isn't my favourite Clio Peppiatt collection (for reasons which I will make clear to you in a moment), but it largely informs the collections which followed. For that reason alone, it's the most important and influential. It allowed the brand to expand, explore and play evolving into what it is today and facilitating a bright future. It Combined the best hand painted illustrations with different textiles has become a signature of Peppiatt's, as has the exploration of a single colour palette. What I didn't agree with was the braids and thick gold hoop earrings... it's not a trend that I want to wear myself and there's something problematic about high fashion appropriating this trend. I won't say anything more, other than this tied in with the hand-painted wrist watch jacket, which is actually my favourite piece. To my knowledge it's the first time Clio Peppiatt used latex, and it wasn't the last as evidenced by their Fall 2014 collection. I just love how they've used a material with eroticism and deconstructed it into something as utilitarian as a bomber jacket (complete with painted bling).  

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