Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Trial and error

Wearing: Vintage blouse, Romance was Born jacket, Target trousers and Chloë Sevigny x Opening Ceremony boots.

If I had a super power it would be owning a lot of cheap, dollar store make up without the cool and ironic 90s colour palette (i.e. icy blue, pearl pink and rare shades of purple and green). This brings me to my next point, note to self: someone with my complexion should never wear this colour gloss.Maybe it would have been more effective if it was a lipstick? Err?? I don't know. The disadvantages of being young and ignorant is that you aren't completely self-aware and know the nuances of your body. I guess the advantage is that there's plenty of time to figure all that out. For now the only proven method I have is trial and error (which I seem to be pretty good at). I thought I'd hate wearing such plain and basic trousers with these two prints but in hindsight it looks pretty good. Plus it's not a total shock when you look at my feet, which seem to be covered in tiny belts rather than an actual pair of shoes.


  1. oh my this outfit is your best ever. I love the jacket and shirt together!! I think the trousers are great too. I'm kind of speechless it's so good!! XXX

    1. omg thank you so so much Lally, big fan of your blog :-*

  2. amazing style!!

  3. Great now you've got me obsessed with Romance was Born