Friday, November 27, 2015

Othongthai X Ryan Lo

As a child, I loved watching Usagi transform using her plastic fantastic jewellery into Sailor Moon to fight all manner of baddies from the Negaverse and beyond. I was instantly hit by a wave of nostalgia after reading through Susie Bubble's blog, and seeing her super kawaii Halloween costume, featuring jewellery by none other than now London-based designer Ryan Lo and cult jewellery brand Othongthai. Now I hadn't heard of Othongthai until this point, and they remain an enigma (with the first two results in Google churning up all manner of social media and not much else). On the official website, after clicking 'About' I was met with a picture of a model making the universal "shh" sign in a love heart surrounded by photo-realistic gummy bears. Did I mention I love the Internet? I was however, impressed with their range of plastic rings, starburst chandelier earrings and clam shell locket.

The designs remind me of children's toys in the vein of Polly Pocket, set with gemstones emulating that of fire opals and moonstone. As I child, I don't remember many star objects were manufactured since they posed a considerable health risk especially to younger children. I suppose that's part of the appeal of the Othongthai X Ryan Lo and why so many adults delight in purchasing toys they were denied as a child. One would assume that rather than plastic, these jewels are made from much tougher and more expensive materials. While the remaining Othongthai jewellery is made using precious metals, there wasn't much I could dig up on the materials used in the collaboration with Ryan Lo. Not many metals occur in hot pink, ice blue and shades of purple. It's a bit hard to have consumer confidence when you can't locate where to purchase a capsule collection as spectacular as this, or the materials from which the jewellery was produced. 

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