Saturday, November 14, 2015

Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee

One of the nice things about finishing my thesis is that I now have the capacity to become a functioning member of society again. OR, I can avoid society altogether, by playing a new video game. Obviously, I chose the later. I've started playing Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer on the Nintendo DS XL, and wasn't planning on blogging about it but everything is so aesthetically pleasing, and a big function of this game is taking photographs stored on an SD card, so since I was taking photos anyway I though- why not? 

So uh, avert your eyes if you want to avoid any spoilers or if video games aren't your cup of tea. Like the name suggestions, this game focuses on the interior decorating aspect of the game, so for every room I decorate I thought I would catalog each and pair them with a style icon or cinematic moment which inspired each room. I hope you enjoy!

I made my character look a bit like Andy Warhol with a pastel pink pixie haircut (something which I wouldn't try IRL myself, given that I've just graduated and am in desperate need of a JOB but I thought it would be fun. Otherwise I probably would have liked to make an avatar resembling Grace Coddington, Anna Wintour or Karl Lagerfeld. Unfortunately gloves aren't an option for avatars yet, so I'm still waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a mini Karl.

So the first room I got to decorate was for Lottie the otter, who also works at Nook's Homes (the office you work at in the game). She's pretty cute, has a blue polka dot bow in her hair styled with bangs in a bun. Naturally I approve of her pink fur. I decorated this room using the 'Lovely Furniture Set', which fans of the Animal Crossing franchise will recognize quiet easily, however, if you're NOT familiar with the series, it's appeared in just about every game since its inception. 

Anyway, it reminded me a lot of the bedroom from Grease, as well as the independent films of Samuel Shanahoy who also happens to run one of the most amazing Tumblrs. It's kind of tacky, which is why I love it and also ironic. If the room was a song, it would be 'So Into Yo' by Tamia. If it was an emoji it would naturally be a heart with sparkles. If it was a food, it would be a strawberry milkshake with two straws, shared by Haruka and Michiru from Sailor Moon. 

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