Thursday, November 26, 2015

Lady Petrova Mystical Launch Party

What I missed the most while writing my thesis was going out at night, especially to the events the wonderful Lady Petrova hosts at her store! Everyone always dresses up, in either ladylike style or with tones of rhinestones and glitter. The event was a celebration of all things magical featuring the work of Megan Greenwood (who I chatted to for most of the evening) whilst admiring crowns made from quartz crystal and snapping up a storm. I also loved capturing details of everyone's outfits, but there were so many gorgeous glittery and pink outfits which I didn't capture! Some introductions are in order, in the first image is the gorgeous Olivia Gatt who I've been following on instagram for agggeess and she's even lovelier in person, wearing a pink Gorman jumpsuit. Hanako was wearing the most sensational pink rose dress with fluffy fur collar with patent heels. It reminded me so much of Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter but unlike Umbridge Hanako is utterly lovely, and a shop assistant at Lady Petrova (she also makes her own jewellery). 

One of my favourite things about Lady Petrova is that it's across from the most amazing little eatery which serves delicious French crepes! I haven't eaten there in ages and naturally had to indulge my sweet tooth after an evening inspired by sugar, spice and everything nice. Despite the fact I did eat a dessert for dinner, I was quite proud that I showed enough restraint to photograph a meal before tucking in. From our table outside I could also appreciate the store for what it is and injecting so much colour and vibrant into one of Melbourne's many lane ways. In the window is lovely Olivia in the middle of her Tarot Card reading framed by window box flowers on the outside the store. It's so encouraging to see  someone who creates something which previously, did not exist and articulate their aesthetic so well. Petrova's store is like something out of a fairy tale AND the lighting makes for wonderful photographs, as evidenced by Megan's amazing jewellery laid out on luscious red velvet. 


  1. That looks like such a cool event! Those clothes are ~awesome~ and you're so absolutely lucky to get to hang out with such awesome people!


    1. I bet there's heaps of cool stuff in your home town too! :)

  2. Your style matches perfectly with Lady Petrova and ahh that jewellry is adorable!!

  3. Those overalls are my next diy project. <3

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