Friday, November 13, 2015

Katie Jones Spring 2016

Katie Jones is a true revolutionary, proving that recycled and reclaimed materials can be just as beautiful, if not more. By marrying ethical consumerism with vibrant colors and motifs her visually striking approach is distinct from any of her contemporaries. For Spring 2016 she's knitted up another storm of color and texture, proving that her material of choice isn't just for Fall. Vibrant crop tops, crocheted mini skirts and drawstring bucket bags are just some of the items she's lovingly crafted which seem perfect for a day at the seaside. The collection looks it's best and brightest in front of a festive cactus, hot pink backdrop and studio lighting channeling Marina and the Diamond's latest album, Froots. In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if some inspiration was taken from the British songstress. The whole collection is a mashup of British iconography, best described as a mashup of pop stars and British celebrities from two different eras, the present-day and swinging 1960s. In a single phrase: Twiggy meets Froots. 

In case the reference wasn't obvious, the intense artificial lighting and vibrant colors is reminiscent of Marina and the Diamond's latest album cover, and the bold eyeliner was championed by the mod model Twiggy. Their sum is greater than their equal parts and when combined, has created something just as iconic, playful and innovative. Leather patches, crochet, plastic and yarn are used as a highly unusual canvas, upon which, Jones has created a landscape of festive clothing. Every season she reinvents the humble denim jacket, emblazoned with her own range of iconography in the form of stars, hearts and flowers. If you were lucky enough to attend this year's Port Elliot Festival, you might have even attended her workshop and incorporated some of these leather offcuts in a Katie Jones inspired DIY. This season is no exception, although baggy jumpers and the most amazing pair of custom jeans were also in the mix. Basically, those jeans are everything I want and more from a pair of pants.

If you've read my reviews of her work before, you'll know I'm a big fan of her work and modus operandi. Sidebar: If you're particularly interested in ethical design, I recommend keeping up with Katie Jones on twitter or instagram, or by checking out the hashtag, #WASTENOT. While some designers struggle to make it a part of their business model, or only achieve some form of tokenism in their approach, Katie Jones ensures it's an integral part of her identity as a designer. The techniques she employs only promotes this knack for reclaimed and recycled materials, but it's so interesting that a young and relatively new designers has taken on this approach with such fantastical results. She's also really grown her brand laterally this season, putting greater emphasis on accessories, such as the pom pom earrings, hair ribbons and custom crochet sandals, a collaboration with Juju footwear. It's only a matter of time before she's able to make her work a commercial success, and I for one cannot wait.

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