Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Discount Disciples

Wearing: Discount Universe shirt, vintage blouse, Asos skirt and Dr Martens boots.

As you can probably tell, this shirt is approximately one trillion sizes too big for me BUT it's perfect for layering. I wasn't meant to buy anything this month but I had to buy this vintage blouse for $6 plus postage because I knew deep down that's the kind of regret one takes with them to the grave. One thing I forgot though when it comes to buying vintage is just how itchy old synthetic fabrics can feel against naked skin. The plastic buttons were maybe clear once but they've aged terribly and are the colour of pale ale so I plan on replacing them soon when I stumble upon the perfect, tacky flower buttons. I feel like Enid Coleslaw would have a really good button collection if she weren't already enamored with pop culture and into sewing rather than filling her sketchbook. As always, citing a fictional character as a reference to steal clothing/ craft supplies from is generally counter productive but hey! I've always felt more represented by figures of the imagination, rather than real people.


  1. oh my goSH this look is EVERYTHING! <3


  2. I want to adopt that T-shirt :) xoxo


  3. Wow Adele, you rock that outfit!
    xo Charlotte - aliceroxy

  4. Your outfit combinations are always awe inspiring and absolutely gorgeous! x