Sunday, November 22, 2015


The second room I decorated in Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer was for Goldie, the golden retriever. She's one of unofficial animal mascots of the game and has featured in a number of the boxes and manuals for the Animal Crossing franchise. To match her elevated profile, I kind of envisioned a blogger persona. Or that of a respected university professor who graduated from college at age fourteen. Naturally had to give her a laptop, as well as piles of books and coffee to drink. So far each room has been the same size which has been limiting in what you're able to do and how you can decorate it.

The space is kind of quaint and full of antiques like the phonograph and suitcase which makes it feel like a vintage installation. I saw how someone else interpreted this room and well... my effort pales in comparison but I'm still having a lot of fun with the game. You can also revisit clients and change aspects of their room once you're finished. It's important details like that which add longevity to the game. More importantly this game makes me rethink my relationship with interior design as well as the style icons who inspire each room. In this instance it was Alexa Chung and Susana Lau of Style Bubble.

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