Saturday, October 3, 2015

Molly Goddard Spring 2016

When interviewed by Susie Bubble for Topshop's Youtube channel, Molly Goddard hinted at more of her tulle and embellished creations. The idea that something inexpensive such as tulle or calico being transformed through hours of work and various techniques shines through once more. Goddard's signature designs, loosely based on the designer's own baby clothes have carried her in good stead throughout several seasons at London Fashion Week. Last season saw an impromptu art lesson complete with live drawing class. The nature of the show in itself turned heads, but perhaps things are starting to slow down. We've watched each collection progress and mimic stages of adult life from infancy and now into college. As a sign of maturity, Goddard has gone one better, creating floral embroidery on apple green netted dresses and matching tights. As someone who still regularly tosses and turns at night lusting over Rodarte's spiderweb tights I have my heart set on owning some of Molly Goddard's hosiery. 

*Images via WWD


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  2. o m g
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