Thursday, October 1, 2015

First you get close then you get worried

Wearing: Turban Hats4Ladies (etsy), Miss Shop blouse, Target pants, Miu Miu clogs and Deadly Ponies bag. 

It's strange how my sense of style has changed within the last year, whilst many days I try to challenge myself staples are becoming more and more important. These simple black trousers (something Mum picked up for me) are plain but I'm really into the tailoring and tight cuffs. It's also nice to create an outfit around one piece but then revisit some of the pieces I already have in my wardrobe. Feeling like I have so many things to do but in such a short amount of time has really taken its toll- both on my health and how I manage stress. It comes as no surprise I haven't had much time to indulge in the creative process, aside from how I dress and apply my makeup for that day. Even then documenting each outfit and curating images on this blog has become harder and harder. I can't wait to sit down and fill all my empty notebooks with lots of lovely thoughts and writing, as well as create mountains of different collages and sketches! 


  1. love the outfit! xo

  2. Ah your Miu Miu clogs! Love them so much

  3. that turban! I hope you find the time soon to be more creative, it's what you do best I think ;)
    xo Charlotte - aliceroxy

  4. I'm always in awe of how cool and funky your style is! I adore that turban!