Friday, October 30, 2015

Bridal dresses by CocoMelody

With warmer weather comes wedding season, which can only mean one thing: a whole lot of stress. Attending a wedding as a guest can be very demanding, depending how many ceremonies you need to attend within a season so it's vital to invest in a couple good pieces for the entire season. CocoMelody is a wonderful company with other 15 years of experience with a website which is beautiful and easy to navigate.

In addition to several keywords (from bridesmaid, mother of the bride, wedding guest and flower girl), you can also search through a certain theme. For the upcoming season, I'm predicting ceremonies located on the beach wedding dresses will be particularly popular. For more inspiration and types of wedding dresses (both traditional and modern), you can check out their 2016 wedding dresses. There's also a great range of accessories, including bridal shoes, headpieces and veils- if you need to buy it for a wedding, no matter what your role you can get it here! 

CocoMelody are also having a sale, with a number of different dresses and outfits, with some up to 50% off! Even if you're not heading off to a wedding (like me) it's so much fun to browse the website if you're in the market for some classic pieces in your wardrobe.

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