Friday, September 18, 2015

Simone Rocha Fall 2015

As always, Simone Rocha has created the most refined collection with her own unique sense of vision. Having watched a short video of her explaining the way she sees her work in relation to art, as well as the work of her mother who creates art installations makes me feel more confident in placing her work within a contextual setting. Her sheer clothing should look as beautiful on a hanger as it does on a model, as well as the people she designs for. Specifically her family, close friends and even the women who work for her. Knowing that personal collections are what shapes her collections makes viewing each runway show even more special. I've decided to dispense with the sheer black coats and dresses and edit how I view the presentation. Regurgitating the same photos most of you would have seen on doesn't add value, it detracts from it. So instead I've only included the pieces I am most drawn to and currently fawn over. They include immaculate satin floral pieces, dramatic red and white tweed, and pastel pink. Fall and Winter should never be entertained as a dormancy period for our creativity, rather, it should thrive when we have the capabilities to layer our outfits.
Despite my best efforts, I was instantly reminded of previous efforts by Comme Des Garcons when viewing sheer dresses with cloud motifs. Something about those odd, humped shapes and pastel pink reminded me of a softened version of what I had seen seasons ago from Japan. That said, Simone Rocha does not align herself with the mavericks with fashion and has instead carved herself a nice niche and firm spot on the London Fashion Week calender. Indeed, these outfits do look different combining next season's hottest (and most practical trend), wearing your own hair as a scarf. These have been combined with chunky but pristine leather brogues and mid-calf socks. It reminds me so much of how I viewed myself in high school, but in reality I was never cool, first to be picked on and an outsider in every sense of the word. Still, it's somewhat comforting to see myself in a gorgeous, handmade dress in the perfect shade of fairy floss pink. And I could go on and on about the shoes but as always, Simone Rocha has set the benchmark and I'm sure brands like Jeffrey Campbell will be ripping off her designs for years to come.

After distancing myself from the fashion world and learning to accept I can't possibly scroll through my entire Instagram feed, seeing the latest at Brown's made me fall back in love with fashion. Email is so much easier for me to digest information, but even then there are days when I become frustrated with such a tedious process. First world problems aside, these red and white tweed dresses standing alongside the neutral pieces and Digimon graphics of A.W.A.K.E made me realise how special fashion is. Or how important I see personal style as an outlet for creativity and self-expression. Seeing those huge price tags does deflate my ego but it also gives me a huge burst of energy and the need to work harder than ever before. While these motifs seem familiar and the colour palette has become signature to Simone Rocha, floral motifs have become abstract and form. Not only that but rather than confined to a single headscarf, no matter how chic, these patterns have been allowed to blossom (terrible pun- I know) and become the finale of her Fall collection for 2015.

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