Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pilgrimage to Witch Mountain

I normally pride myself on my ability to look at fashion inspiration from around the world and synthesize it into something new, but perfection cannot be improved upon. And so, I humbly hope you enjoy this photo shoot styled by Shirley Kurata shot at Salvation Mountain. Two of my favourite things in the world artfully combined together and showcasing the best designer couture pieces with vintage treasures. The affect is simply too stunning for words.

Photography: JUCO
Styling: Shirley Kurata
Hair and makeup by David Tolls with Workgroup
Photo Assistant: Tom McKenzie
Stylist Assistant: Sue Choi
Model: Nora at Muse Management


  1. Absolutely incredible shots! Jesus Christ, pure perfection. I love how colourful every element of this picture is and how clothes don't merge with the background. Talent!

    1. totally- the clothes are super colourful but clash with the landscape? so good

  2. This place is on my bucket lists of places to go in my life :)