Saturday, September 12, 2015

Castles made of sand

The greatest inspiration this past year has been the beauty of the natural world, and in particular rocky landscapes. The different textures and colours of caves and landforms has given me an appreciation for neutral tones which I have spent most of my life avoiding. Granted, not many young women of my demographic wear nude and beige I created this moodboard as a way of researching its use in fashion. J.W. Anderson in particular has made use of it in his most recent campaigns, which I've simply adored but made reference to only once. By comparison the clothes seem much less exciting than the different landscapes captured by various artists and photographers. It is for this reason I'd love to begin shooting more at different locations, if I can ever convince my boyfriend to play photographer and learn to use the basic functions of my camera. For the moment it all seems like a bit of a pipe dream but even just talking about it makes these visions for the future seem a little more real. Do you dream of visiting different places?

1, 10, 19 & 20- We followed the sun by Eleanor Hardwick for Rookie Mag. 2 & 3- unknown. 4- via. 5- Twins by Alma Haser. 6 & 8- artificialchaos. 7- Damaris Goddrie for Self Portrait fw 15/16 campaign by Lea Colombo. 9- Grace Mahary by Norman Wong for Flare August 2015. 11 & 18- peachnpops ebay store. 12, 13, 14, 16- photoset via. 15- Jeneil Williams by Daniel Jackson for ID Magazine Summer 2010. 17- lovely locomotion via vsco.


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  2. love this aesthetic, it's so dreamy <3


    1. yes yes yes, that's the perfect description! :)

  3. These pictures are all beautiful and
    have such an amazing colour scheme. :)