Friday, September 4, 2015

Caroline Day 2015

Revolutionaries such as Ari Seth Cohen and his mature lady muses have changed public perception of senior citizens but also personal style. The colours, textures, cuts and patchwork all remind me of the quirky creations you might see at a Country Womens Association in your typical small town. The eclectic, homely and a cacophony of materials have shaped Caroline Day's graduate collection at the Westminster Fashion show. Judicious pinning and ruching helped to create a more sculptural figure which was in turn smothered by a large billowing cape inspired by the chic boudoir jackets of yesteryear. Combined with the lace doilies from your grandmothers house, quite possibly her antique quilt and treasures from her wardrobe accumulated over a lifetime. There's a definite sense that well-worn clothes are being cited as possible inspirations, reinforced only by clunky school shoes in contrast to ragged hems. For anyone who was left feeling a bit lost amongst the couture collections, saddened by the prospect of never seeing them in person much less wearing those spectacular frocks be comforted in the fact that you can create your own brand of cool clothing.

*Images via Westminster Fashion


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  2. Lovin' these colors! Stunning!

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  3. What a beautiful collection I love the textures and the palette of colors, thanks for sharing! <3<3<3 :o)
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