Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ammerman Schlösberg Spring 2016

I am pretty much convinced Ammerman Schlösberg can do no wrong. I fell in love with their guro inspired Fall collection earlier in the year, featuring a cast of battered dolls from the doll hospital wearing fake blood and eye patches. This time it feels like the viewer has interrupted a seance from the 1970s, like if the Lisbon sisters hadn't killed themselves but stumbled on a Ouija board instead or at least had a Halloween themed party. The long blond hair, purposefully mascara streaked faces and colour scheme create a rich landscape of texture. These images feel like I myself am an intruder or visitor to a world I simply do not belong (which is generally how one interprets things after being disowned from a number of school gangs). And yet, as always, I pine for these cool girls to judge me in the hope for acceptance and to borrow their totally cool outfits. As always the designs are a bit tongue and cheek and partially inspired by Lolita from Japan with a unique Western take, and as always, the results are nothing short of sensational.

Aside from the nods to the nightmarish creatures of modern horror movies, evoked through a blank hockey mask among strange paraphernalia there was something wonderfully nostalgic about these pieces. The collars and shift dress silhouettes evo0ke a bygone era tinted with the tone of Stevie Nicks but the purple and mustard also seems reminiscent of 2013. It's something I'm not overly keen to try myself, it does highlight the transformative power of sparkly eye shadow. These accents were made more powerful with a cheeky marijuana necklace, which tbh is something which reminded me of Jeremy Scott Spring 2015. I've never really recovered from fangirling over all the cute pastels, rainbows and cheap plastic jewellery. While Ammerman Schlösberg is a far cry from the same hype, the brand has already established they are the rulers of their universe. Whether it be the doll hospital, or the projector room from Mean Girls (which is what this reminds me of) the duo has attained levels of cool some can only dream of.

*Images via Dazed Digital, Photography Evan Schreiber

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  1. You have so perfectly captured all of the rad vibes from this collection! I feel like this would have been an amazing presentation to see in person. I love the purple sequins and mustard combo. Do you think all the girls are wearing wigs? It's such a smooth 70s length it's kind of hard to believe its real.