Sunday, September 13, 2015

Acne Studios Pre-Fall 2015

Conceptually, Acne are one of my favourite brands. They have an obvious cult following around the world and exude 'cool' from every pore. Yet whenever I scour eBay looking for cheap second hand pieces I always feel uninspired when the clothes are removed from their fantastical environment of runway shows and ultra chic look books. There isn't really a concrete reason as to why I feel uninspired when viewing the same object, other than curating and executing an idea is the key to any brand or blogger's success. It's for this reason that Fall collections are probably my favourite- since there are so many ways of layering and styling each piece. Acne have always done an excellent job creating crazy new shoes which seem strangely futuristic in comparison to their classic woolen coats. 

I'm obviously obsessed with the tongue in cheek 'Say No To Drugs' coat from this collection, but the tights and sneakers combinations is worth borrowing. Tbh I haven't bought a pair of chunky sneakers since I was in high school and styling them terribly but I'm kind of inspired now. Goodness knows I have to make the best of the next couple of months of mild weather before Summer starts and it's too hot to go outside. Another reason why I fawn over Fall collections but meet Resort/ Spring-Summer/ Cruise with some kind of dread and apprehension. For those with a 1960s mod fascination, Acne also made some slamming knee high boots with kooky concealed platform heel and silhouette. I wonder if these clothes are as dreamy in person as they appear under the intense studio lights.

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