Monday, August 3, 2015

Niall Cottrell 2015

Continuing the Westminster themed blog posts we find Niall Cottrell, proudly and somewhat emphatically waving the flag for menswear. What really struck me was how wearable the pieces were from each graduate in particular Cottrell's creations. I clicked on a picture from instagram thinking it was J.W. Anderson for profanity's sake! Mind you this was after a full day at the computer editing photos, as well as mindlessly writing in a zombie-lake state for several hours. I loved both the techniques as well as intensity of colour from this collection, which shrouded each figure in a warrior-like silhouette. What I also found interesting were a couple of one shoulder menswear pieces, something which we would typically associate with dressing the female figure. In many ways it challenged our perceptions of gender but in a way which was largely overt. Or rather it was hidden in plain sight amongst a sea of colour.

*Photos via Westminster Fashion