Friday, August 7, 2015

Charlotte Scott 2015

The graduate who seemed the most distinct at the Westminster Graduate collection in terms of their aesthetic was undoubtedly Charlotte Scott. It was a menswear collection unlike any other with the most whimsical colour palette which became only heightened by side-swept bowl cuts combined with unbelievably adorable casting. The clothes were just so distinct though- but I'm sure one of those people who fight over bragging rights to being the creator of kidcore or babycore or whatever will show us some drawing they did at age three. That's not something I really want to discuss here but strange subcultures asides the shades of red also reminded me of Back to the Future. Specifically I'm talking about Back to the Future 2, but what I'm really getting at is that when people talk about retro-futurism or how people would dress in the future, this collection seems like a game changer. While there's a lot of hype surrounding Jacquemus who has in many ways pioneered this type of design, I would consider his designs clumsy or somewhat ill-fitting compared to these more sleek and stream-lined designs. This could, however, be largely due to a difference in materials.

*Images via Westminster Fashion


  1. Nice collection. Very original.

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  2. My initial reaction to this collection was, "Oh, what fun!", but upon further investigation of the collection photos, I realized that they're actually quite sharp and well thought out. Those certainly aren't randomly placed and colored shapes, as they seem by first glance.

    1. I went through exactly the same processes Sophia! I suppose it's a lot like modern art, take Sonia Delaunay for example. The shapes seem erratic at first, but they are actually quite deliberate in their placement and positioning

  3. The geometric shapes kind of add to the chaos- it's almost a "method to madness" look

  4. cool collection!