Saturday, June 27, 2015

Shrimps Resort 2016

In an article penned for by Emily Farra she noted that 'historically' Resort was once an understated affair comprised of bikinis, dresses and other holiday essentials. However, in recent years the image of Resort has been gently remolded by London based designer and relative newcomer Hannah Weiland. (I say 'relative newcomer' as her brand Shrimps has already reached worldwide acclaim and seen on British IT girl Alexa Chung, as well as Brix Smith-Start, Aimee Phillips and Pixie Geldof JUST TO NAME A FEW). Her label Shrimps is best known for their whimsical faux fur coats, stoles and accessories and this season is familiar and yet new. For one thing her signature pieces were paired with denim-inspired pants and white linen pieces, perpetuating this idea that silk pajamas are perfectly acceptable as daywear and as a university student, can I just say this is possibly the greatest thing to have ever happened.

For one thing, if you own a nice pair of pajamas or vintage bedroom jacket you could only really wear it while on holiday. Or when trying to impress your significant other. If you were to say, go grocery shopping while wearing something ultra comfy you have either a.) lost the plot or b.) are a slob. Or perhaps your underpants radius has expanded so far you are now able to transcend all barriers as a result of a devastating breakup as demonstrated by Marshall in How I Met Your Mother. But now that is all totally OK and what's even better is we can look chic and be comfortable at the same time!! Many probably wouldn't call that progress. I say that since the 1960s there has been a distinct lack of excitement about the future or the cars of tomorrow and I will take pleasure in the little things. Something as simple as an all white outfit, which is despicably difficult to maintain in the first place, can be dressed up with a fabulous fur stole and matching clutch. For mere mortals that seems utterly impossible but I'm sure Bjork would be totally into that. 

Finally while I was pleased with the inclusion of dogs in these photographs I wonder whether the fashion world has been oblivious to their potential up until now. While many animal rights advocates are usually quick to criticise the use of animals in runway shows, as was the case with Discount Universe earlier this year it seems the overwhelming majority of cases involve an assistant's or model's own pooch worming their way into the photos. In the context of this lookbook it subtly signifies the collection's connection with nature, albeit in a very controlled environment. Whatever the true intent I hope this means that more people will dress fabulously when walking their dogs, even if they are just walking to their nearest cafe as is the case in Brunswick. Brunswick being one of the trendier suburbs outside of Melbourne and where I generally hangout whenever possible. But I digress! Knowing that I can wear fur in just about every season, (except Summer because I live in Australia) makes me a happy little pleb.

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