Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Poems, Prayers and Promises

Amidst working a double shift on Saturday I miraculously found time to attend Minna Gilligan book signing for the National Gallery of Victoria Art Book Fair. Her book, entitled 'Poems, Prayers and Promises' is limited edition and was compiled by the Melbourne artist and Rookie Mag contributor specifically for NGV.  It also includes a series of emotionally-charged poems by Gilligan, reminiscent of her art school days in which she composed zines for Sticky Institute in Melbourne. Poems, Prayers and Promises also happens to be the title of a John Denver song, which reminds me of when my dad first taught me to play guitar and years later when I found and bought one of his vinyl's from a thrift store. I don't feel like it necessarily detracts value from it though, but I did think it was an idea originally conceived from Minna's brain. There were a number of blogs I enjoyed reading whose names were conceived from song lyrics, or in reference to some other fragment of popular culture. In a way these links are inevitable unless.  

It was also a good opportunity to meet with other Rookie readers, I got to photograph Kelly and Amy as well as Bonny who left a little earlier but sat with me during Minna's short interview. I admit I was an unashamed fangirl who sat in the front row and was first in-line to get my book signed. I've met Minna a couple of times for Rookie related events, as well as a drawing class hosted at the NGV and at the Romance Was Born Bush Magic show for fashion week. Given how accessible she is on her own blog and being able to read through the archives written when she was a student in art school I feel a close affinity. However, these feelings are through the veil of an admirer and someone who does not know her personally and I should make that distinction. It'd be really cool to know her on a personal level, but I feel like I have more growing to do before I can transcend the status of fangirl. I'm not ashamed to admit that I am one, but once you approach someone as a fan it's difficult to then be seen as a peer. 

The book is absolutely beautiful and I got my copy signed (of course) with the cutest message written in pink Sharpie. *Did anyone else get three loves written in theirs I don't think so*  The cover reminds me of National Geographic with it's iconic yellow frame and beautiful photographer which, incidentally, Minna sometimes compiles into her dreamy collages and paintings. I also got three new pins for my psychedelic arty farty collection which I am super excited about. Kelly and Amy are also wearing their new pins in the photos I took which were both totally amazing. I haven't been able to sit down and immerse myself in its pages yet but I'm saving it for a special occasion. Finally, for international fans who missed out, fret not! Minna is publishing her ~*official*~ book which is due to come out in September this year. Minna also had some pins leftover so I recommend following her on instagram as she may do a giveaway soon ( BIG disclaimer: I have no idea and am not representing her in any official capacity).  


  1. Oh fab! I was really sad not to be able to get my hands on this beauty, I love the cover. Very cool badges too! I'm so looking forward to the release of her book later this year, it looks and sounds so great! XX

    1. They have the remaining copies in the NGV online store, Lally! :)

  2. Ah, need to pick up that book! :) xoxo