Monday, June 1, 2015

Ice Queen

Wearing: Vintage dress, thrifted cardigan, POMS earrings and Dr Martens boots.

My mum said this outfit was "too fluffy". Little does she know there's no such thing. I felt so good wearing this outfit but some people cannot deal with fluffy white earrings. I wore this outfit to the Melbourne Art Book Fair held at the National Gallery of Victoria, and even there some people were staring. I don't mind though because I got a signed copy of Minna Gilligan's limited edition book, Poems, Prayers and Promises. I also got to hang out with some rad babes I have met through various unofficial Rookie Mag events and got to catch up with them. Given that I've been so busy this year with my research I think it's forced me to make time for the things I truly enjoy. Which means that I'm busy all the time but I think that's when I'm happiest, even though I sometimes collapse into bed because I'm so exhausted.


  1. There is no such thing as "too fluffy" and I'm in constant awe of your fluffy earrings! x

  2. amazing! xo

  3. amazing! xo