Wednesday, June 3, 2015


A secret narcissistic desire of mine was to have my picture taken at an event wearing a totally cute outfit and hanging out with a bunch of babes, basically since I was about sixteen. About a month ago now my wish came true but at terrible, terrible costs:
I'm not going to sugar coat it, it's a terrible photo of me wearing the derpiest cheesy smile ever? This photo was taken for The Thousands which is a cool Melbourne based website and they called me cute anyway (thanks guys!). I wish I had bitch-faced and done something different with my arms but Amy (centre) and Kelly (right) look totally amazing and I'm glad I got to take photos of their outfits. But yeah, I wish this wasn't the only photo of all three of us. *Reminder* you can be twenty one years old and still look about twelve when you have unkept messy baby hairs cradling your forehead compared to goddess women.


  1. Wow Great Article!! I really love your honesty!
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  2. Aww, you look great here! xoxo