Friday, June 5, 2015


Wearing: Tokito dress, thrifted tights, saddle shoes from Atilin, Ichi Knee onigiri earring and badges from Minna Gilligan.

I wore this outfit on the last day of perfect Autumn weather in Melbourne, before the week it rained non-stop and people complained about it more than normal. Yes I was a bit cold without a jacket but how else was I supposed to show off my cute little badges? They were made by Melbourne artist, Minna Gilligan, who I seem to write about on a monthly basis. To emphasise the art aesthetic I decided to wear horizontal stripes, red lipstick and a single earring in the shape of a Japanese food. I rarely wear this dress now since it's a bit loose on me but I love how it looks with my saddle shoes. I've also wanted to wear more makeup lately, for myself as a way of adding colour to my outfits rather than for the attention of men or approval of other women. This also echoes the sentiment on one of my badges, without necessarily being seen as confrontational. I believe that at its core fashion should be about creativity and self-expression rather than conforming to an idea of how we should lead our lives. 


  1. I love how your saddle shoes look with your dress and tights and those badges are seriously so perfect, like your outfit as a whole is. I completely understand wearing make up to add colour to an outfit instead of the stereotypical and common view that women only wear make up for the approval of men and the same goes for your idea on fashion being about creativity rather than conforming to outside opinions and views. x

  2. I am in love with your outfit, Adele! It is totally the style I adore, and the badges as highlight are soso cute, I will do some myself now so I can look as fabulous as u always do! :) Oh and couldn´t stop reading as always, your writing style is perf.