Thursday, May 14, 2015


I hope everyone's as excited about flu season and snotty tissues as I am! Just kidding, but I do think when artists interpret the gooey insides of our noses the results are spectacular albeit extremely exaggerated in both color and texture. Maybe it's the way it glistens it shimmers under light or the fact I am still obsessed with kitschy things from Easter but I wish I had more opportunities to wear spring green in winter. On the other hand maybe this season I will wear cute face masks and keep all my snotty goodness to myself. Ammerman Schlösberg had some cute ones for their latest collection Furry Hospital but these were in reference to Guro subculture specifically, rather than mild colds.
1- vintage Versace jeans, 2- Symantha Rose jewellery, 3- Kate Rohde necklace, 4- Ksubi custom jeans.


  1. Those first leggings are awesome xoxo :)

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    1. thank you Kailey, I love your blog <3__<3