Saturday, May 30, 2015

lady love

Lately I've been fascinated with ladylike style extended beyond the stereotype of tall, thin women. This latest obsession has been largely inspired by these images from my Tumblr dashboard, but seeing connections between my online muses. An excessive, almost satirical use of pink is common amongst all of these photos but I have tried to include various body types and represent women of colour as well. This because I believe all forms of media should embrace diversity rather than pageantry of an idealistic notion. I am more conscious when I create a moodboard or photoset that is a whitewash of female models and excludes others. Feelings of exclusion are something I am trying to protect my readers from, while creating the same dreamy aesthetic I have cultivated over several years. It feels like a constant struggle to balance the two but I know in many ways it should not. This then makes me angry that popular culture and media could have formed in a number of ways, but we're stuck with what we have, but in many ways it is substandard and insufficient. 

1- Kailey Flyte. 2- Lady Gaga wearing a Juan Vidal sweater and Anya Callendo hat (instagram). 3 & 4- Laura Du VĂ© (femmeplastic), inspired by punk-puke. 5 & 6- Vivian Fu: May, 2014, San Francisco. 7 & 8- "In the bathroom" by Chiara Baragatti. 9- Divine (as Dawn Davenport) in John Waters’ Female Trouble, 1974.


  1. Wow, love this post! It contains the exact dose of pink and anti-beauty-ideal we should take every month!

  2. Ah, I'm in love with that first picture :) xoxo