Monday, May 25, 2015

IT Girl

Wearing: Asos faux fur coat, Rodarte X Target dress, Chloë Sevigny X Opening Ceremony shoes, Shrimps faux fur clutch and bag charm.

Part I: Oh

Part II: my-

Part 3: GOD!!!

I finally got my hands on some Shrimps and basically it was everything that I dreamed of and much more. I admit, I caved at a time when I was supposed to be saving money but I bought it second hand and it came with the bonus Lenny lion bag charm in dusty pink which I had been contemplating buying online for weeks. This daisy faux fur clutch is basically the greatest early 2000's revival piece and Alexa Chung, Britain's greatest chic muse and my personal mixed race style icon has the same one. Yay! In celebration I wore it with my most 'IT girl' pieces including my Asos fur coat in the style of current season Shrimps as well as a leopard print dress. The stress of honours is starting to get to me, hence my slightly disheveled hair and inability to smile so I decided to evoke the Belgian surrealist artist
René Magritte with vary success. 


  1. superrrrr cool

  2. So much fluffiness, the coat is super pretty! x

  3. Love those shoes bb :) xoxo

  4. wow this whole outfit slays, I wish I could pull off such an amazing fur coat!

    Zoe, xx

  5. Ah your Shrimps clutch is so perfect with your coat! x

    1. thanks Elizabeth! I love your style <3_<3