Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Glitter Bomb

I've recently started watching videos from runway shows as a break from my usual routine of sifting through the literature and continuously editing what I have so far. It seemed fitting that I watch the Romance Was Born Mushroom Magic collection given how much I enjoyed their last presentation Bush Magic. In an instant I was reminded of all the lovely dresses and pieces I wish they had made available en masse but also the detail of each look. What really grabbed my attention though was the lovely use of glitter as an unorthodox lipstain. It made me think of all the zines and comics advocating the use of stickers as zit concealers but in a way that was far more extravagant.

Photos shot by Zachary Handley for
Hair by Alan White for ghd.
Make Up by Val Garland for MAC Cosmetics
Clothes from the Romance Was Born Spring 2013 collection


  1. Very cool :)

  2. I am in love with the glitter. xoxo