Thursday, May 21, 2015

girls! girls! girls!

Last month I went to see the Girlhood Art Exhibition at the Union Club Hotel in Fitzroy with Kelly from glitterous clitoris, possibly the greatest named blog ever, since she made two of the works on display there. I really wanted to go since it had been ages since I last saw her and I was extremely mad at my boyfriend and needed to surround myself with lots of art made by awesome girls. For anyone who cares he did apologise to me for that thing. Like the name would suggest there was lots of pink, my favourite piece being a small child-size tent (OK that sounds super creepy but it was magical, I promise!) decked out in Where The Wild Things Are sheets, pink tablecloths and paper doilies with secret messages on them. The tent floor was also covered in glitter which was an added bonus, so after we got up there was a glittery trail following behind us like a pair of snails. I preferred seeing the exhibition with someone else because as always Kelly wore an amazing outfit and I got to photograph her interacting with the other works.

What I found really interesting was the sheer amount of nature referenced by a number of different artists, whether that be portraiture in the woods, flowers or sketches of beetles. The more I research insects for my university project, the more critical I am of how they appear in art. I was unable to enjoy some of the more stylised interpretations and could only think within the parameters of a scientist, instantly dismissing that which was not anatomically correct. It's interesting to not how my brain is changing because I very much doubt I would have cared about that kind of stuff when I was studying insects for zoology. 

While it probably would have been better to attend the exhibition's opening on a Friday night, I enjoyed getting to mill around and view each piece at my own leisure. Also the mid-afternoon sun tinged each of my photos with a certain nostalgia which I then exaggerated in post-production. The various holes in the walls from the last girlhood exhibition and slightly tacky flooring (which I was totally into) had nuance all of their own. The muted noise from the punters downstairs were constant reminders of the exhibition's location above a pub, but I much prefer it over tonnes of people. There were only a couple other people on the Sunday that we went, one girl who was taking pictures on her Nikon was also wearing black Dr Martens. Kelly and I were also wearing the same shoes which was super cool. The only thing left is to pick which pet animal you need to join our witch cult. But seriously you guys, it was like being surrounded by all cool feminist blogs and instagram accounts. 


  1. Omg, I love this. I cannot explain my love for that skull flowerpot. :) xoxo

  2. It sounds like such an amazing and clever exhibition! x