Wednesday, May 20, 2015

a bespectacled, studious youth

I've known I would need glasses for about a decade now- both my mother and father have two pairs of glasses each so it's always been something I've secretly looked forward to. I thought that this would happen during a later stage of life, specifically in my late thirties or early forties if I really looked after my health. The long hours I've spent scanning through specimens on a microscope is beginning to take it's toll though- and I frequently complain about sensitivity to light as well as eye strain. It's time to face facts: shopping for glasses isn't all doom and gloom although the sudden prospect of wearing glasses did slightly upset me. It seemed serendipitous that at approximately the same time, Eyeglass Discounter contacted me it seemed too good to be true! Although my eye tests came back as a negative on the glasses I did enjoy perusing their online catalog as well as finding photos of badass babes rocking their designer eyewear. For my North American and European readers it's also important to invest in a good pair of sunglasses for the upcoming Summer! They offer further discounts on their cheap range of both glasses and sunglasses, so I would highly recommend in buying a spare pair if you're thinking about traveling during the break as well. They also have some really cool hipster style glasses, along with many of the classic clubmaster and wayfarer styles to choose from.

*All glasses via Eyeglass Discounter
1- Arabelle Sicardi. 2 & 11- Tavi Gevinson. 3, 6, 9, 12- via Eyeglass Discounter. 4 & 5- How to Find the Vintage Eyeglasses of Your Dreams via Rookie Mag. 7, 8 & 10- Advanced Style.


  1. I've been a glasses wearer since I was 13 (that's over a decade now- yikes). At first I was very excited, I purchased every frame under the sun and embraced it wholeheartedly having secretly, like you, pined for them since I was small. Now I find them very annoying, I rarely wear mine (bad I know), I don't like the way they feel and in some ways I prefer fuzzy focus vision. I know there will come a point when wearing them won't be optional but until that day I'm holding out! XXX

    1. I'm kind of worried that I'll feel the same- that my glasses will annoy me and I won't end up wearing them either :(

  2. I wish I needed glasses, it makes you look a little smarter.

    / Avy