Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Strawberry Fields Forever

Wearing: Thrifted jacket, sweater and trousers from Target, Kenji heels and Sara Sboul buffy muff.

First of all sorry about the rubbish quality of these photos, I've been so busy lately there hasn't been much time to really stop and gather my thoughts. Things have only been complicated now that my dad is on leave and has started gardening again hence the strange photo-bombing ceramic pot. I really wanted to show off my new Sara Sboul hand muff which I bought for 75% off the regular price (thanks to a special code on top of a half price discount applied to all hand muffs). I had hoped to win the complete look in their instagram competition but alas the lovely Glasgow fashion blogger from Forever Yours Betty won. She took some lovely snaps of her new accessories at London Fashion Week. The Buffy Muff was by far my favourite product from the trio so I just had to snap it up- it's so quirky and unusual! If you haven't heard of Sara Sboul her bags have also been seen on the Beckerman Twins and she's just collaborated with
Clio Pippiatt on their latest line of accessories. I think she might be stocked at Melbourne's Lady Petrova very soon, plus there may be another collaboration with artist Esther Kim of estherlovesyou

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  1. argh you are so fab!! xo