Monday, April 13, 2015

pretty hurts

I was meaning to create more collages before posting these but when it became apparent that that was never going to happen I decided it was time. They're not like my other collages in that there's a stronger emphasis on fashion, as well as less manipulation or altering of the original photos. Normally I feel really insecure unless I have removed all traces of the original context of a certain element or model but that didn't bother me. I know that seems super lazy but for now I am content to curate these images as they are. There's an obvious lack of representation in these images as well which is an artifact of the original fashion magazine content. Where possible I try to combat this in the lookbooks and runway shows I write about, as well as the moodboards I make using my computer. I wanted to draw attention to this with the title "pretty hurts" reinforcing the notion that these beauty ideals may actually be doing us more harm than good. Underneath all those photo shopped images and saccharine sweet tones there is an underlying malice to the detriment of the fashion industry. 

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