Saturday, April 4, 2015

Eudon Choi Resort 2015

 If you haven't already noticed I'm in a mood where I like, want to compliment everything and feel invigorated by all these new fashion collections dropping left, right and center. Eudon Choi's Resort collection may be one of my favorites thus far which I discovered when it was featured on a shoot for Rookie Mag. Categorically labelled under 'power dressing' graphic collared dresses and the sweetest of tailored suits took my breath away. Not only did I find the clothes to be a completely enthralling of feminine and masculine but the styling for each look and the pose of the model brought out the best in each outfit. I found the blocky nature of the shoes to be totally endearing making the pleated dresses and skirts whimsical while emphasizing the cut of the slacks. The pants and suits are like on a whole other level, they are Tilda Swinton-worthy and an androgynous dream come true. At this stage the only thing that's missing is Arabelle Sicardi's blessing and seal of approval and then everything will be complete.  

Aesthetically I would consider Kenzo the epitome of cool with it's graphic printed designs translating into hundreds of street style photographs acting as walking advertisements. Reinforcing their status as inspiration to anyone who keeps an art journal they also launched Kenzine, available at Opening Ceremony with all their best and most iconic photographs. Amongst a sea of sheer flowers and tulle skirts rivaling Delpozo's recent designs there was also the same artistic flair I've come to associate with Kenzo. Whether it be in the striped sweaters or the sweet addition of satin bows to blouses or bomber jackets alike everything seemed so deliberate and chic. I loved dissecting all the different levels of each outfit and discovering the hidden features of each piece. It felt like in some small way I was receiving a secret message from the universe or something.  

If the jackets weren't some $800 I would certainly buy one in a flash but for now all I can do is moon over how perfect everything is. While there are a lot of pastels it doesn't feel like I am being overpowered by saccharine undertones or brainwashed into becoming a kawaii fangirl. Similarly even though I rarely find myself being able to commit to the notion of a suit (the exception being a velvet two-piece by Comme des Garcons) I could appreciate the beauty of Eudon Choi's creations. There's both the sense that this collection is complete and yet it could easily work with pre-existing pieces in any fashion girl's wardrobe, ultimately creating a sense of oneness. It's hard to explain when I'm speaking in so many contradictions but perhaps it's the movement between different styles and colours that gives this collection its edge. 

*All images via the Eudon Choi website

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