Thursday, April 9, 2015

Atilin Handmade Shoes

 If you've been dreaming about a pastel filled world where rad babes where amazing leather shoes and equally rad chokers, I'm here to tell you that it exists. It's run by the amazingly talented Ati Lin from Argentina who not only has a great eye for style but strong sense of morality. You see, not only does her make the shoes by hand but the leather she uses are 100% recycled offcuts of the highest quality. With these materials Ati seeks to introduce new colours combinations and textures in order to create something new and exciting. Rather than following trends she wants to achieve something different or subconsciously references the sub-cultures and those that inspire her. I've been mooning over her saddle shoes but she also makes combat boots, Mary Janes and platforms in a variety of different colours, even holographic materials! You can check out all her designs at her Etsy store, or on Facebook or Instagram.

These photos also really reminded me of something Tavi posted on Style Rookie five years ago now, which I thought was also worth sharing.


  1. I am flattered that you found referenciasas in what I do with the work of Tavi. I admire her very much, I loveher aesthetic

    1. Thank you! I love your photo shoots and lookbooks and can't wait to see more (also thank you for your lovely blog post!)