Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ammerman Schlösberg Fall 2013

It's no secret that I adore everything about Ammerman Schlösberg, but I love this collection in particular as it reminds me of Sailor Neptune and Uranus from the Sailor Moon anime. While I'm not surprised that the English dubbed version censored the true nature of Neptune and Uranus' relationship I still find it pretty disappointing. Think of how many girls could have been helped if they knew their attraction to other girls was represented in mainstream media! Ugh, this is what makes me mad. While I'm still on the topic of girl crushes, the makeup and hair styling for this shoot totally makes me think of Harley Quinn. Yet another badass female villain with quite literally a clownish style but is still able to command respect. While the clothes aren't in themselves at the same level Ammerman Schlösberg maintain themselves at today, all these different associations are what give this collection its strength. It's also really interesting to see how the brand has developed since its inception and the slight differences in each campaign. No longer are models wearing six inch platform heels but the doll hospital of Fall/Winter 2015 was a sure fire hit, striking the perfect balance between Gothic and Lolita.

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