Friday, March 20, 2015

Phiney Pet Fall 2015

Phiney Pet has once again created a feel good collection featuring hand drawn and original designs while also promoting the empowerment of women. From the very beginning women of colour have been given equal opportunity to model for the brand in a series of spell binding photographs. While some brands consciously conduct their casting with diversity in mind it is all to easy to pick apart what is gimmicky and contrived. By comparison it is designers such as Phiney Pet and Chromat who radiate consideration towards loyal fans and actually care about the preservation of their reputation and legacy. It is for this very reason that I believe there is such a strong response to these collections amongst the online community. Especially from the girls and young women who have never seen or heard of Phiney Pet's work. It's only a matter of time before a photoset from one of her many look books goes viral and the entire Tumblr community becomes enamored with both the clothes and ideology behind this fledgling UK brand. 

I feel so excited about Fall 2015 because not only are the clothes totally amazing but for Fall this season she has collaborated with some of my favourite people Susie Bubble and Maria Pizzeria. I actually first learned about Phiney pet through reading Style Bubble but have kept up to date with each exciting development since. So naturally it makes sense that they would later ask her to assist with this shoot as well as Maria who is another Londoner with impeccable aesthetic taste. This collection also collaborated with Juju Footwear, proving that whether we like it or not jelly sandals are hear to stay. For one thing they come in every colour combination imaginable and have become the ultimate shoe of choice amongst emerging designers. They've also been given an update with the addition of little sparkling beads added to their thick rubbery straps. This nicely mirrored the embellished details on the denim jackets and safety pin studded sweaters, creating cohesion between the two brands. 

There were a lot of different threads throughout this season's offering, but in no way did it feel like these were competing ideas. Nor did it feel like this was the collection Phiney Pet was always destined to create. Rather, after a few seasons it was the chance to experiment and tangent away from the pastel pop tones and sugary aesthetic the London designer has become synonymous with. This idea of a new leaf or growth was foreshadowed by the background evoking a high school yearbook photo. What's also important to recognize is that PP didn't seek permission from their fan base to create this collection and like an artist created what they felt was right. So while this collection was very different from all others in terms of aesthetic they have still managed to stay on message with explicit sweaters and t-shirts emblazoned with the text, 'BABE WITH THE POWER'. I loved the Middle Eastern motifs of koi fish, lucky cats and script with botanical dresses and sweaters. The primary colours also reminded me of the artwork employed by MGMT for their album, Congratulations

I was so jealous flicking through my instagram feed of those who got to see these pieces in the flesh during London Fashion Week. After all there's only so much information a photograph can provide without getting to handle the clothes. The only frustrating thing I find about Phiney Pet is that her website only stocks badges, iPhone cases and compact mirrors. I don't know how much longer I can hold out without at least one dress or skirt in my life so if you're reading this please restock and update the online store ASAP! There's no doubt in my mind that many pieces would sell out in something akin to a National Geographic feeding frenzy moment. Other than that I love each and everyone of these outfits and feel enamored with the psychedelic printed flare trousers and slip dresses. And I feel grateful that fashion is able to embrace the other wordly visions of artists, but more importantly they can connect with creatives and be regarded as peers.

Photos via Phiney Pet website


  1. This stuff is so cool and intense! I love it! Especially the "babe with the power" t-shirt. *~*You remind me of the babe. What babe? The babe with the power. What power? The power of voodoo. Who do? You do! Do what? Remind me of the babe.*~*

    1. hehe thanks Erin <3 I definitely put out the badass bitch from hell vibes when I want to