Sunday, March 22, 2015

Maria ke Fisherman FW14

I can vividly remember when Maria ke Fisherman dominated my instagram feed and feeling so excited about this designer. In a word, the brand went viral overnight and was listed on as one to watch for the upcoming seasons. Like everyone else I compulsively liked the images from Dazed, i-D and prominent style bloggers with the air of a religious fanatic. The clothes themselves were relatively simple but instantly recognizable and familiar to those who grew up in the 1990s. I suppose what was really thrilling and the thing people latched on to was something completely different from most of the major designers. When interviewed in 2013 for Vice, Maria and Victor explained that it is inevitable that we create something which is the product of past experiences. That seemed self-evident a year later in their Fall 2014 collection with the same cyberpunk approach, a penchant for messy hair and those big Buffalo boots. I fell hard and fast for the pastel monogrammed pieces but the spaghetti straps and raver jeans are equally worthy of praise.

The Maria ke Fisherman pieces also seemed reminiscent of these Chanel photos I had saved on my computer. It should be noted that MKF are totally killing it and is not a derivative of another brand but captures the essence of a movement and subculture. I also just really wanted to include this photo of Riri from when she went swimming with sharks.
1- Chanel ROUGE 1996, 2- Rihanna's insta account and 3- unknown.

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