Thursday, March 5, 2015

House of Holland Spring 2015

House of Holland have never been one to shy away from colour and they returned in spectacular fashion to vintage inspiration in the form of dreamy 70s suede pieces and halter neck dresses. I think when I first became aware of the brand they had just released their range of tie-dyed denim pieces in Spring of 2013. Since then they have continued to release iconic collections each one more impressive than the last with a distinctly different motif for each season. From the outset Henry Holland presented a modern twist on the 'California Girl' complex with sporadic suede hippie jackets complementing the continuous floral pieces. What was interesting was that it wasn't simply a reiteration of the same colourway or pattern over and over again but a selection of different florals used to suit different garments. For example three-dimensional crochet embellishments were used to decorate both skirts and jeans in a variety of different ways. Sunflowers were printed onto secretary blouses, jackets and shift dresses and a more dainty print was reserved for the spaghetti strap dresses and aforementioned halter tops. 

The other component of this collection was the dressing down of shiny metallic dresses and skirts more suited for a good ol' fashioned disco. It was interesting to observe these styling decisions as a way of reaching out to a much younger audience and present different ways of wearing the same piece. For example, a printed t-shirt was worn underneath the most fabulous party dress making it a daytime look rather than the killer evening party dress it was so clearly destined to be. Without being able to definitively pigeon-hole the collection as something suitable for one time of day or another it's hard to know what to wear with each of these individual pieces. Obviously the dream would be to get my hands on one of those suede jackets with the floral motifs and wear them with bangs, a beehive and my most badass eyeliner but beyond that I'm a bit stuck. While there were some standout pieces such as the holographic skirts and embellished denim it feels like some of the pieces perhaps would have been a bit more polished before the final presentation. 


  1. House Of Holland will be the death of me. All their colors and patterns are so perfect ;-;

    1. haha I thought this would be right up your alley Tessa! ;)