Monday, March 30, 2015

Fire Walk With Me

Not only have I found it more difficult to organise my thoughts and articulate myself in my academic writing, it's becoming harder and harder to blog. I feel like Lisa Simpson when she found out about 'the Simpson gene' and like my brain is slowly starting to decay while still inside me. Or that after experiencing some kind of epiphany during the early morning I slowly fade like the hours of sunlight. I suppose what's really worrying is that this might be a semi-permanent state when I so badly want to do fun things like work on my journal with the same fervor I had at the start of this year. It's also becoming hard for me to see cohesion in pictures other than the colour red which is so often embodied in the same shade. That same red reminds me of Twin Peaks and Agent Dale Cooper's vivid dreams which take place in stark contrast to the black and white chevron printed floor. I haven't had time to really dig deep into the series but I just can't find enough time in the day. Perhaps I'm just making excuses for myself I mean really, who says they're too lazy to even watch a TV show. 

1a. b & c- Class of ‘93 by Ashley Armitage. 2, 6 & 13- Karen O. Rapt 7” Vinyl for Valentine’s Day. 3- Maison Martin Margiela Fall/Winter 2010. 4a, b- Solange Knowles arrives at the Carven fashion show & d-Sophie Dahl by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, February 2000. 5- Pudge Mag. 7a & d- Lindsey Wixson, b- WGSN street shot, New York Fashion Week & c. 8 & 4c- Yohji Yamamoto Fall 2009. 9- Persepolis (2009). 10a- Kate Moss at Versus Fall-Winter 1996 & b- unknown via. 11a- Ajak Deng with Neiman Marcus and julia noni, b- Lara Stone in Summer Camp for W, July 2008 shot by Bruce Weber and styled by Alex White, c- unknown. 12- unknown via. 14a- Firewall by Galen Cheney & b- ROUGE No.7.


  1. all these reds are gorgeous- I love the "shit" lips