Thursday, March 19, 2015


Wearing: Meadham Kirchhoff x Topshop dress, Country Road sweater, ASOS faux fur coat and Dr Martens boots.

Whenever I wear this coat I feel the need to have a really cute dress or skirt. At first I thought it was because it's really long and run to twirl around in but I've since come up with an alternate theory. Both Kailey Flyte from Mermaidens and Rosarium wear the same one on their instagram accounts with impeccably styled outfits and killer shades of lipstick to match. So unconsciously what I've been trying to do is replicate that same kind of sweet pastel aesthetic they share in common. It's interesting how our brains quietly hum away in the background while we work and silently guide our decisions. I'd like to think this is more of an homage rather than straight out carbon copy but I'll let you be the judge of that. This is the cutest dress I have in my wardrobe but it's slightly sheer and I sold the slip I used to wear underneath it so wearing lots of layers is the next best thing. Plus I've started wearing all my Meadham Kirchhoff stuff again since I missed them at London Fashion Week this season.   


  1. ugh your coat and everything your wearing is to die for- if you wanna send me your complete wardrobe, that would be ok I guess

    1. haha it would take a massive shipping container to fit it all but I'll keep that in mind ;)

  2. I'm so jealous of all your clothes, you look so cool in every post! The dress and fur coat look so adorable together :) xxx