Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Delpozo Fall 2015

Delpozo undoubtedly had the most elaborate set design of any runway presentation at New York Fashion Week. An artificial forest acted as the perfect blank canvas to vivid colours and three-dimensional floral motifs weaved continuously throughout the collection. Each outfit lived up to the expectation of mirroring the drama and richness of the human experience in chic and feminine style. I must admit when viewing the entire collection from start to finish I was constantly reminded of one person. To some she is known simply as perma pupa on both Instagram and Tumblr and her outfits are always colourful, uninhibited and inspiring dressing for the everyday opera of her life. She's from Belgium and currently studying art, which just so happens to be a perennial source of inspiration for Delpozo director Josep Font. I must admit I don't know her personally and haven't even spoken to her at length but I would seriously recommend that you check out her blog.   

Sensible block heels in various colourways and finishes has become the highlight of the season, seen both at Prada and Delpozo this season. It comes as somewhat of a relief to someone like me who rarely wears heels and often endures wobbly legs and blisters in the following days. Since I am also at university this year it would be nice to wear sensible shoes (when I'm not in the lab) while working on my literature reviews and research. There may come a time when I am too tired and overwhelmed to put together cute outfits but until then I know which shoes I want this season. Although I suppose Delpozo's heels are not quite as lowcut as I first thought I have become infatuated with both the velvet and metallic. Equally impressive are the mint metallic heels but I suppose on a student budget it would be almost impossible for me to be able to afford these. Small floral details embellished leather knee high boots reiterating the details splashed across wool pinafore dresses and capes echoing Andrey Remnev's contemporary incarnations of Pre-Raphaelite art.

It's a real treat to see high fashion and art combined with the finesse Font brings to Delpozo each and every season. While the clothes are far removed from what I tend to wear on a daily basis that doesn't mean I'm not totally obsessed with the narrative and drama of each collection. On the contrary I relish devouring and dissecting the motifs integral to the brand's success. Floral motifs and art livened up their Fall 2015 collection with leather accessories similar to that seen at Fendi's 2015 Spring collection. It's important to note that the manner in which each brand conducts themselves lead to drastically different outcomes. Naturally as Fendi has become renowned for their selection of handbags and leather goods there was a strong emphasis on accessories. Delpozo also created a series of leafy hair accessories and headwear but remained fixated on making details as much apart of the clothes themselves dabbling in techniques from knitting to pleats. I love each collection for different reasons but the bold colours and courage to create a bold and colourful Fall collection is really something else.

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