Thursday, March 12, 2015

Creatures of the Wind Pre-Fall 2014

I know, I know it's not fall. It's not fall anywhere- if you live in the Northern Hemisphere it's winter and in the southern hemisphere it's finally summer. Despite that I really wanted to write about Creature of the Wind's Pre-Fall collection. Perhaps it has something to do with reading too much of Refinery 29 (possibly the greatest fashion click-bait site for 20 and 30-something year old women in living in the world's most popular cities) or the fact that whenever I become idle I instinctively think of fall. Not much happens in fall. There are very few music festivals and events but I suppose things carry on in a normal way but there's nothing that really celebrates its arrival.

This collection pays homage to fall in its glory with an array of chunky textural knits, smart casual blouses, full leather skirts and shiny satin coats. I love the art direction and simplicity of this photo shoot too. The shoes are simple flats which suit the wide legged trousers as well as the skirts and become easily enveloped in the floor length dresses.What interests me most is the illusion of layering and relatively simple nature of these garments. There's nothing experimental or revolutionary about it- you won't become swamped in a cocoon coat like at Comme Des Garcons and yet there's subtle interplays between various panels and varying hemlines. It's difficult to describe the silhouettes of these outfits other than different and distinctly signature. They're long without being unflattering and generous without swamping the female figure. 

Normally when I compose an outfit my thought process immediately becomes centered on "the bigger picture", so much so that I don't consider accessories important. Jewellery is becoming increasingly important in my outfits especially for a textural element but from about the age of fifteen when I was a dorky, badly dressed teenagers scarves and belts have not interested me. There's a right way to wear them and a way that does not add to the overall cohesion of an outfit. Up until now I haven't been able to devise a way of wearing scarves without specifically citing the style of women in the 1960s but the long belts and sashes in this collection have been used masterfully. Granted I don't own anything nearly as long or in such luxurious fabrics but it's an interesting idea to consider all the same. 

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  1. I love the color scheme of this- the mustards are awesome