Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ammerman Schlösberg Spring 2014

Is it weird that swayed by what must be the best use of flash photography in a look book than the clothes themselves? The desolate road and pitch black night in contrast to the overly sweet clothing perfectly captures the essence of Ammerman Schlösberg's method of operation. Things are not always as they appear, which is true for all things in life. Although the clothes appear as the epitome of kawaii culture complete with patent leather Mary Janes and adorned in bows, sinister undertones add delicious substance. More than an advertisement for the brand itself this lookbook serves as food for thought and an important reminder that fashion isn't shallow. Designers work tirelessly in order to deliver a thrilling viewing experience for their audiences, some going above and beyond the call of duty or what would be expected from other professions. The same could be said for some fashion bloggers in which the boundaries between profession and personal life are often blurred.

The isolated nature of the shoot location combined with the whimsy of the clothes reminds me of the opening scenes from the Twin Peaks pilot. Although the clothes haven't been ravaged in a sexual assault there's still a certain sense of something is amiss. For this reason and so many others I found the concept of this collection to be completely mesmerizing. Of course the model being stick thin, white and privileged doesn't do much to deconstruct preconceived notions of beauty standards but it is a fascinating medium of story-telling. Aesthetically everything is cohesive which as an obsessive compulsive I order but some outfits became overshadowed by the atmosphere of these photographs. Fashion photography became the focus of this series rather than the clothes themselves (a mistake which has since been avoided). Obviously there are worst mistakes that can be made especially in the fashion industry where personalities can sometimes become the centre of focus rather than the collection. Fortunately these young designers know what's important and have stayed true to themselves.

*All photos from the Ammerman Schlösberg website

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  1. Love these pieces, especially the ones featuring gigantic bows. <3