Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Judy Jetson

Wearing: Vintage dress and coat from Collectable Antiques, Zana Bayne PVC harness and Lipstik jelly sandals.

Before anyone else says it yes, I realise Judy Jetson wore pink not blue. The title of this blog post is a reference to old science fiction-based popular culture or dressing for a Mad Max-type post apocalyptic world. Up until know I had always managed to avoid wearing the matching vintage coat and dress I bought in Cowes at Phillip Island. I suppose I felt very self-conscious and thought it might reflect a lack of imagination or creativity in terms of my outfits. But with an outfit ready to go I was able to pay close attention to the details such as my harness, which I haven't worn in a very long time and contrasting orange nails. I don't have any pastel nail polishes as it turns out or silver which was my next option so I decided to highlight this rather than shy away from the fact. The silhouette reminds me a lot of the Jacquemus FW14 collection featuring geometric shapes and equally sharp silhouettes.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Fire Walk With Me

Not only have I found it more difficult to organise my thoughts and articulate myself in my academic writing, it's becoming harder and harder to blog. I feel like Lisa Simpson when she found out about 'the Simpson gene' and like my brain is slowly starting to decay while still inside me. Or that after experiencing some kind of epiphany during the early morning I slowly fade like the hours of sunlight. I suppose what's really worrying is that this might be a semi-permanent state when I so badly want to do fun things like work on my journal with the same fervor I had at the start of this year. It's also becoming hard for me to see cohesion in pictures other than the colour red which is so often embodied in the same shade. That same red reminds me of Twin Peaks and Agent Dale Cooper's vivid dreams which take place in stark contrast to the black and white chevron printed floor. I haven't had time to really dig deep into the series but I just can't find enough time in the day. Perhaps I'm just making excuses for myself I mean really, who says they're too lazy to even watch a TV show. 

1a. b & c- Class of ‘93 by Ashley Armitage. 2, 6 & 13- Karen O. Rapt 7” Vinyl for Valentine’s Day. 3- Maison Martin Margiela Fall/Winter 2010. 4a, b- Solange Knowles arrives at the Carven fashion show & d-Sophie Dahl by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, February 2000. 5- Pudge Mag. 7a & d- Lindsey Wixson, b- WGSN street shot, New York Fashion Week & c. 8 & 4c- Yohji Yamamoto Fall 2009. 9- Persepolis (2009). 10a- Kate Moss at Versus Fall-Winter 1996 & b- unknown via. 11a- Ajak Deng with Neiman Marcus and julia noni, b- Lara Stone in Summer Camp for W, July 2008 shot by Bruce Weber and styled by Alex White, c- unknown. 12- unknown via. 14a- Firewall by Galen Cheney & b- ROUGE No.7.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Christian Cowan-Sanluis Fall 2015

If you haven't already heard of Christian Cowan-Sanluis then you probably will in the next year or so. To put things in context his Fall collection for 2014 was requested by the personal stylist of Lady Gaga. More recently he's been credited as the inventor of the selfie hat integrates with tablets and can spin a full 360 degrees. All this would be impressive at any age, but Cowan-Sanluis is only 21. At this point after describing the accomplishments of someone belonging to my generation in this case the exact same age as me, I begin to feel terribly inadequate. It's childish I know but one can't help but pale in comparison to talented young designers, especially those from London who usually go on to become regulars at Fashion Week. Recently the young designers have been the most innovative in terms of how they present their showcase. Molly Goddard turned heads with her most recent installation imitating a life drawing class complete with naked middle-aged man and my second favourite was this ode to the American mid-west.  

Cheap plastic fedoras dusted in glitter can be found in any discount and party store from here to halfway across the world but it takes a true genius to see their potential. Or rather, someone who will willingly embrace the tackiness of it all and turn it into something great. Had John Waters not become a director then maybe he would have created something in this likeness, if he ever got over his obsession with leather jackets and punk that is. In a room the models sat atop a pile of hay bales while the crowds circled around them like planets in orbit around the sun. That sounds like a really nerdy comparison but I feel it's necessary when describing *~celestial bodies~*. You will never convince me that there is an excessive amount of glitter or that blond wigs embodying the spirit of Dolly Parton in her heyday aren't the perfect mascot for this collection. Everyone has been so excited about the 1970s trends seen on the catwalks but I have yet to come across anyone who recognizes this collection as the ultimate tribute to that decade. 

Close ups of the models reveal just how much thought and effort went into staging this presentation. For one thing wheat was as an obvious choice in terms of accessories but I loved seeing each puffed grain immortalized in gold for earrings, rings and necklaces. Likewise they became the crown of some god-like creature or humanized a rather amusing pair of spectacles. I'm envious of both Cown-Sanluis' imagination and dedication towards his craft. Interestingly he saw himself as a budding entomologist but decided to pursue the arts rather than insects and found creating womenswear more satisfying. The simple reason being that his pieces could then have a life of their own on the backs of models and women around the world. This genuine affection for his craft is apparent when he is able to create something so strong and cohesive. Each of the models looked stunning and rather than a simple blanket approach to the models, each of their identities and diversity was celebrated. It's so important that creative genius is not tainted with some sort of prejudice or controversy and really misdemeanors seem to be easily forgiven in fashion.   

While many would not consider Daisy Duke denim shorts, terry-toweling bandeau tops or hessian sack bikinis as suitable clothing for Fall I myself am guilty of dressing in the pursuit of fashion rather than comfort. Anyone whose become obsessed with the industry will share the same guilt but I willingly embrace the eccentric from time to time. Simultaneous to the obvious Western theme the clothes also had a witchy aesthetic when photographed for the official lookbook. Basically this collection is everything I dream them and just that little bit more exciting than the Saint Laurent Spring 2013 presentation. Unlike the Saint Laurent show these clothes have a kind of duplicity, rather than carrying the witch/ western aesthetic simultaneously. This has largely to do with the materials and cuts in which Cowan-Sanluis has elected to be just that little more daring and racy. One would hardly bat an eyelid if these images were circulated thousands of times on micro-blogging sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr by the next generation of fashion designers and editors. 

Images 1-18 via theupcoming.co.uk, photos 19-24 from Christian Cowan-Sanluis website.  

Friday, March 27, 2015

just be Stevie Nicks

Wearing: Turtleneck, shorts and hat from Target, Topshop faux fur zebra jacket, POMS earrings and Chloe Sevigny X Opening Ceremony Shoes.

This outfit was largely inspired by
Christian Cowan-Sanluis Fall 2015 collection (which I hope to write about soon) and the Saint Laurent Spring 2013 presentation. As well as some advice Tavi gave in her TED Talk three years ago. There's been so much talk about the 70s for Fall it has all leached into my subconscious and culminated into this. The surprising thing is I don't feel quite myself in this outfit. For one thing I'm like a walking advertisement for Target which is simply not a reflection of what I wear on a day to day basis. Both my turtleneck and wool shorts are things I retained over the span of six or seven years and the hat was bought last year for my three week stint in the desert. To finish off the look I wanted to wear my favourite pair of shoes made by Chloë Sevigny in collaboration with Opening Ceremony in black suede. The other inspiration for this outfit was casperblaise and I don't know if she has a blog or not but if she did she'd be absolutely killing it. Wearing a fluffy pair of earrings is my simple way of adding colour as well as texture to an otherwise boring outfit (well boring by my standards anyway).