Thursday, February 12, 2015

Julia Seemann Fall 2015

In what can only be praised as a promising start to New York Fashion Week, VFiles took it upon themselves to host their very own showcase in the Lincoln Center. The showcase itself acted as a summit for the various designers and VFiles affiliates to canvas their ideas to an eager audience. For this reason and in order to eliminate any confusion, I have decided to subdivide the show into each designer's own line of clothing. Opening the show was VFile's very own sporty in-house line worn by a band of mischievous youths in swimsuits, sneakers and singlets. If you're interested in seeing what exactly that entails the collection is available to buy online at VFiles.

Next up was Julia Seemann's mob of hippie misfits sporting floppy brimmed hats and visors, crop tops and wide-legged trousers. Seemann, now based in Zurich Switzerland was a former intern to none other than the queen Vivienne Westwood. I think what I loved most other than the modern spin on trends from the 1970s was the mermaid-esque silhouette of each outfit. The crop tops and flared hems of the skirts worn with stilettos (heels which caused some models to stumble) doesn't engulf the figure but creates interesting shapes around it. It's that sentiment which reminds me of Rei Kawakubo's 1997 Comme des Garcons collection featuring miniature pillows used to create bulges in stretchy cotton. Deliberately messing up traditional notions of the female figure will always be more interesting than tightly clinging cloth which restricts the body's movement. 

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