Friday, February 13, 2015

Discount Universe Fall 2015

Australia's very own Di$count Universe were saved best for last in the VFiles showcase and it was the most spectacular conclusion to the entire presentation. Described by as 'popular among musicians' has got to be the understatement of the century. If you're not familiar their designs have been worn by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Kimbra, St. Vincent's Annie Clark and the problematic Katy Perry. What's even more impressive is that their entire VFiles showcase was made in THREE WEEKS from sketchbook to runway. You can see the events leading up to the finale chronicled via their instagram account as well as the close proximity they have with their true fans. On about a monthly basis both Cami James & Nadia Napreychikov take the time to thank those that have supported them from the brands very inception. They use their supporters to rile them up and rise to the occasion of a big challenge like this and deliver spangly dresses and sequin embellished tracksuit and jeans with a wicked sense of humor.

 While there were some outcries from animal advocates claiming the inclusion of a pet to be an act of cruelty and what one Internet troll described as 'patetic' it seems there was overwhelming support. Just about everyone I follow on Instagram has reposted images from the show and swooned over the designs as I have. With each piece hand-sequined and featuring pop culture references as varied as Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita to cartoonish hand-drawn sketches it's not hard to see why it was such an overnight success. As for me? Well I'm determined to get my hands on one of those stunning leather jackets or failing that heavily sequined pants or long sleeve top in preparation for winter. Let's hope that Di$count Universe won't be too busy as to re-stock their online store with all the best pieces from this show or the become available in some other shape or form to their legion of die-hard fans across the world.

Photos by Gianni Pucci /


  1. I've been waiting for this post!!! You are always so on top of the best designers, and DI$COUNT being one of the best is always so captivating to look at. My fav looks are the poodle dress, the "Lol" lolita top, and the moto jacket with jeans. I'm just so very upset, because I don't own any of it. T_____T

    1. hehe thanks Tessa! omg yes the Lol lolita top was such a surprise and yet so totally badass???
      Plus the poodle dress, moto jacket and jeans were utter perfection (that is what angels wear in heaven I am convinced)

  2. Love this eclectic, eye-catching collection! Lolitaaaa!