Thursday, February 26, 2015


Wearing: Di$count Universe top, Romance Was Born skirt, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes and earrings from etsy (mamoru).

I think this is the closest I'll ever be in terms of becoming the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Minus the snapbacks because I don't really wear hats that much and fanny packs for obvious reasons. When I first became interested in personal style and fashion blogging at about the age of fourteen or so I used to love looking at clothes from the 80s. The use of colours and archaic materials was unlike anything else I saw represented in popular media or commercially available at the time. It wasn't something that stuck though but there's definitely some elements of that magical era in this outfit. Everything in this outfit was made within the last five or so years but when worn together there is an obviously retro connection between each piece. For instance the rose and stripe design on my shoes is very Avant Garde, but they're Nicholas Kirkwood and therefore ~high fashion~. My shirt could be from a different dimension altogether though and the best part is it GLOWS IN THE DARK.


  1. Discount Universe is so cool! As always, nice look. Prints on prints = luvvvv!
    xo Charlotte - aliceroxy

  2. this outfit is :') :') :') so good. you need to wear this at my house and then make a video like the one that reminds you of taking pictures in my bathroom omggggggggg

    1. ugh yes! if only I wasn't so damn busy with uni work :(

  3. That shirt is SO AMAZING. I'm obsessed with it. I really like your pink fluffy earrings as well. :) xx