Thursday, February 12, 2015

color theory

I got to catch up with my blogging friend Kelly the other day at the Emma Mulholland sale in Melbourne where she showed me her polaroids taken in America. She hasn't posted them on her blog yet but a lot of them were taken at Salvation Mountain in California as well as Marina Fini's house which was a whole other level of amazing. We talked about  the best way to present them. I suggested she use a scanner as it seems the most practical approach, but she's more accustomed to creating real life moodboards and incorporating the photographs. That conversation was the catalyst for these photographs. I've wanted to take these for a while now but I really lacked the motivation up until now. We also used the opportunity to talk about our next photo shoot featuring our new Emma Mulholland purchases from the day. The vibe was super chill and it was good to feel so relaxed in an environment surrounded by so many beautiful clothes. I forgot how good it felt to be in the company of women and simply talk about clothing and appreciate their beauty.

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