Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cassandra Verity Green Spring/Summer 2015

First of all my apologies about the rubbish quality of these photos (something went wrong and colour went a bit wobbly) but I really wanted to discuss Cassandra Verity Green's most recent collection. It was as much about the hair as it was the clothes and a total rush to the head. The sporty luxe fascination of the early 2000's combined with bright full on colours, chunky heeled sandals and her signature knitted pieces was nostalgic without being stagnant. In other words CVG created trendy on point accessories as a continuation of her wildly successful collections Neptune's Daughter and Crush. But the young Brit has also incorporated side-winding mesh panels with leggings, dresses and racerback tops. Many of these pieces are best suited to women with a size 8 figure but the combination of coral red and the various shades of blue are a different kettle of fish (excuse the pun) in that they are accessible to women of all body types and figures. While I normally like to dissect a collection into its principle key pieces in this instance it is healthier and somewhat more helpful to think more broadly in terms of the motifs.

Unfortunately what this collection is missing is an equally impressive video to accompany it. In the past they have been stunning visual performances and general summaries of Internet culture and fashion alike. They should be included on the next Voyager Space Program as a representation of what humanity should be more like. Or I wish everyone else dressed more like this since it would make trips to 7-11 and the supermarket much less bleak and more of an experience. What seems even more difficult to achieve is the acceptance and normalization of very unnatural hair colours. Bright red hair hardly seems drastic anymore but blue and green for example remain heavily stigmatized. Why is that? If someone has taken the trouble to look good, hopefully for themselves rather than for the sake of others, why are we so quick to judge them rather than applaud their bravado? I don't get it. In an ideal, Cassandra Verity Green world we would all carry our pet fish around in backpacks and wear whatever we pleased. And I want to be a part of that.

*All images via Not Just a Label

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