Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cassandra Verity Green Crush

In 2014 Cassandra Verity Green returned with more surrealism, stronger art direction and a penchant for all things inspired by everyone's favourite decade the 1990s. Specifically I'm talking about the fluffy marabou chokers, set design and psuedo camouflage printed long sleeve tops. I say pseudo since there is no way that shades of pink, green, blue and white amalgamated together could ever be used to blend into a background aside from a fictional teenage bedroom. In a way CVG did create that and further evoked it with the inclusion of Miu Miu sunglasses and fluffy slider sandals of her own design. In a continuation of some of the motifs from the previous collection, Neptune's Daughter the young British talent also made a suite of beaded clutch bags. You may also recognize some of the knitwear particularly embellishing the mesh dresses and skirts as being distinctly mermaid-esque. I think it's most interesting to see the development of graduate designers and how they evolve within the space of a few seasons rather than the seasoned designers heading major fashion houses. Like a teenager they're experiencing everything for the first time and are somewhat more in tune to their aesthetic.

*All images via CassandraVerityGreen.com


  1. Oh my god, this is soooo my aesthetic!! <3 I cannot get over how perfect everything about this is!!!! I would legit die for any pieces from this collection.

    1. yess Tessa I knew you'd be so into this stuff especially since it's so John Water-y?

      Like the shade of pink and stuff plus the beading and gorgeous borderline tackiness,
      ugh I'm practically drooling over this collection